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open monday through friday 7am - 6pm & saturday & sunday 8am - 4pm
67 center street / rutland, vt

*speakeasy café is not a gluten-, dairy-, egg-, or nut-free environment. though we make every effort, products that do not contain gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts may have come into contact with those that do. patrons are encouraged to consider this in light of their own individual needs. speakeasy staff are not trained or certified to make recommendations for those with celiac disease or food allergies.

q: what are your hours?

a: we're open seven days a week: monday through friday from 7am to 6pm, and saturday & sunday from 8am to 4pm. we're closed for major holidays..

q: wifi?
a: it's 2017 and we're a cafe. 

q: got any non-dairy options?
a: we have both soy milk and almond milk.*

q: anything gluten-free?
a: we offer gluten-free bread for our sandwiches, and carry a few gluten-free baked treats.*

q: what kind of coffee do you serve?
a: all our coffees come from the
vermont coffee company, based in middlebury.

q: where do your bagels come from?
a: our bagels hale from
st. viateur, a well-known bagelry in montreal. montreal bagels are smaller, sweeter, and denser than their new york-style cousins.  

q: and the meat? what about the meat?
a: our bacon and sausage come from
brown boar farm in wells, vermont. all their meat is free-range and nitrate-free. pigs should live good lives. it’s not their fault they’re delicious.

q: what, no lunch?
a: well, sort of. we serve our dynamite egg sandwiches well into the afternoon, as well as a
daily soup, but if you’re looking for a nice deli sandwich or something like that, we’re happy to recommend some great places in downtown rutland.