​​sit and listen to some sinatra while you sip your maple latte. wrap your hands around a mug of joe while you wrap your brain around the sunday crossword. meet some friends for tea and sympathy. get some work done (or don't). grab an espresso here on your way there. enjoy a sloppy bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and save yourself a trip down south. or just pull up a chair, stare into the middle distance, and savor a brief escape from the vile obscenity of the human condition. no judgment here.

our coffee is strong and hot, our flavors are a bit out of the ordinary, and our windows open onto a downtown rutland that's growing more vital and vibrant every day.

the speakeasy is our home away from home, and there's always a seat at our table.

coffee is life.

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open monday through friday 7am - 6pm & saturday & sunday 8am - 4pm
67 center street / rutland, vt